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Welcome to your Journey to Wellness

Dr. Dominique Lafleur - Chiropractic Physician and Functional Medicine Practitioner
Helping those in need to understand how body physiology works, to better recognize and care for oneself, and bringing answers and support to your health issues in and around Ventura County, California. 

Concepts of a Healthy Being

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Dr. Dominique Lafleur offers classic chiropractic care combined with advanced physiological analysis. With over 30 years of clinical experience and studies,  Dr. Dominique uses her resources to better understand your health issues.

Functional Medicine describes a new focus, one to correct physiological function versus only chasing the obliteration of symptoms. For example, correcting a Cholesterol issue without regulating a blood sugar.  Fat does not in most, cause high cholesterol, but excessive carbohydrate will store in fat form and is often the cause of high cholesterol. As in the health pillars interconnected facets, Functional Medicine recognizes the web of the body’s interrelated functions. 

Functional Medicine as an integrative approach to health



After many years of battling unexplained infertility, I am now 17 weeks pregnant at the ripe old age of 40. What hope you have given me! You are responsible for this growing miracle inside me!
Thank you, Dr. D.


I was very skeptical of any "alternative" medical practices when I first saw Dr. Lafleur in 1995 with my then 4-year-old son who suffered from asthma, allergies, and constant health problems. It was miraculous how quickly we saw positive results. I took my 8-year-old daughter in after that to see if we could "cure" her chronic sinus infections. Voila! She was a new girl


I have been a patient of Dr. Lafleur for almost 20 years now and I can't imagine what shape I would be in if our paths had not crossed. Her dedication, expertise and tireless efforts to guide me to a state of well-being is nothing short of profound.

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