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Awareness of What You put in Your Body


Dr Lafleur makes nutritional and supplemental nutrient recommendations based on the patient symptom’s, health questionnaire, blood analysis review and the patient’s family tendencies and history. She also uses Applied Kinesiology as another tool for neurological feedback to assess compatibility of the nutrients and refinement to the individual needs.

She teaches how to use food to serve you and not vice versa. In the latter, food that serves your every whim might be at detriment with your optimum health outcome. And she teaches that not all food is equal. For example, the manipulation of certain foods today, whether genetically modified organisms (GMO) or through hybridization processes, might trigger an immune response rather then a digestive response. In a long run creating self tissue inflammation/destruction, as in degenerative disease, chronic inflammation. Symptoms may vary from GI disturbances (colitis, IBS, etc.) to neurological issues (Alzheimer’s, senility, Parkinson’s, some of the most advanced type of neurological deterioration,  to any neurological symptom such as loss of balance or lack of concentration, to name a few,  or skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, etc.).



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Dr D has been a big advocate in identifying specific food as part of the inflammatory process that most patients are presented with. For example, there has been increasing recognition in the medical community and the general public of the widespread prevalence of gluten sensitivity.

"Celiac disease (CD) was initially believed to be the sole source of this phenomenon. Signs and symptoms indicative of nonceliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), in which classical serum and intestinal findings of CD may be absent, have been frequently reported. Clinical manifestations in patients with NCGS are characteristically triggered by gluten and are ameliorated or resolved within days to weeks of commencing a gluten-free diet. Emerging scientific literature contains several reports linking gluten sensitivity states with neuropsychiatric manifestations including autism, schizophrenia, and ataxia." 
- Gluten Summit


In clinical practice, Dr D routinely considers sensitivity issues as an etiological determinant of otherwise inexplicable symptoms.

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