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The entire digestive tract is one of the primary lines of defense of the body.

Gastrointestinal Evaluation

The entire digestive tract is one of the primary lines of defense of the body. It's our mini Amazon forest! 

Imagine that the integrity of the Gi tract is the only barrier between you and the outside world. It is an ecosystem where diversity of the living organisms are the magic of a well-organized and functioning system. It is the host of 40 trillion micro-organism. There are much greater number of foreign cells then there are human cells. 1% of your body gene expression is done by human cells, the rest is done by your unique microbiome. Most microbes are capable to produce good and bad chemicals. Organisms need food to promote either expressions.

 Dr D uses RNA microbiome Lab’s analysis to investigate what kind of fuel [food] does each individual patient’s microbiome is needed.

The expression of the gut biome is linked to WEIGHT, DEPRESSION, AUTO-IMMUNITY, SLEEP, DIABETES, IBS and SKIN issues to name a few. In some of the pre mentioned conditions, there can be over 50% of strong biochemicals signature in the microbiome.

Dr D looks at the activity of acute or chronic gut infection. It goes without saying that those obvious or more subtle types of infections may also interfere with the integrity of the lining of the tract, disrupting proper absorption and elimination and possibly create a mechanism of immune response.

GUT health is crucial!

Call Dr Dominique today to get your evaluation. 

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