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The Pillars of Health


The Pillars of Health are a composite of the various interconnected facets of ones unique make up. Dr. Dominique takes into account all of the various aspects of your health because they cannot be separated. (Structural, Emotional, and Nutritional aspects).

She uses a complete blood analysis , health questionnaires to establish your nutritional base line.

She does a Spinal exam to take into account the musculoskeletal  integrity.

Specific Brain assessment questionnaires are also used to monitor stress levels and brain function.

Health is a Journey not an End


She deeply believes that to teach you on how your body responds to our environment our genetics and everyday choices you make, could facilitate your optimum health. She also knows that heath is in constant motion as in time and space, therefore she sees Health as a Journey, as she guides you through your life’s web of challenges.

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